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tients with hemoglobin SS disease might be expected to: (1) reduce tissue oxygen consumption, (2) decrease erythrocyte 2, 3-diphosphoglycerate, (3) decrease p50, (4) increase the average level of erythrocyte oxygenation, and (5) increase in vivo red cell survival with associated improvement in anemia and possibly in musculoskeletal symptoms. Accordingly,(More)
A study was designed to compare the effects of D-ascorbate and dehydroascorbate on red blood cell metabolism during blood storage. Dehydroascorbate increased red blood cell concentrations of 2,3-DPG such that the levels are above normal for four weeks and normal at six weeks of storage. In contrast, there is a gradual decrease in 2,3-DPG levels with(More)
In this case report, the history and imaging of two patients with invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) in the skin are presented, followed by a discussion of both benign and malignant intradermal findings on breast ultrasound. Although the majority of dermal findings are benign, these cases are a reminder that malignancy can manifest within the skin. The(More)
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