Jennifer Warren

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This study examines the impact of state variation in commitment to the provision of home and community-based services on the living arrangement outcomes of older unmarried females with functionallimitations. We combine data from the 1990 U.S. Census of Population (PUMS) with state-level information on long-term care home and community- based service(More)
Patients' experience of stereotype threat in clinical settings and encounters may be one contributor to health care disparities. Stereotype threat occurs when cues in the environment make negative stereotypes associated with an individual's group status salient, triggering physiological and psychological processes that have detrimental consequences for(More)
Dietary fiber increases stool bulk, regulates bowel transit time, and decreases intraluminal pressure. Because these actions constitute a natural way to stop diarrhea, a frequent problem with tube feedings, enteral tube feeding manufacturers have marketed several fiber-containing formulae. While bulk-forming agents such as fiber may not be appropriate for(More)
The authors provide an indepth analysis of discography, a provocative diagnostic tool to determine the origin of low-back pain. Injecting the intervertebral disc with radiopaque dye provides physicians with several useful pieces of information. First, the modality provides radiographic evaluation of the integrity of the nucleus pulposus and annular rings to(More)
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  • 2000
Since the first cardiac pacemaker was implanted in 1958, continuing technologic innovations have steadily improved the therapeutic power of implantable cardiac device therapy. This evolution has benefited both patients and their physicians, expanding the conditions manageable through pacing and implantable defibrillation while streamlining implant and(More)
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