Jennifer Warren

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Patients' experience of stereotype threat in clinical settings and encounters may be one contributor to health care disparities. Stereotype threat occurs when cues in the environment make negative stereotypes associated with an individual's group status salient, triggering physiological and psychological processes that have detrimental consequences for(More)
PROBLEM Significant life events in runaway youth include the experience of abuse, school/legal entanglements, and sexual behavior. SUBJECTS 78 nonurban, runaway youths. METHODS The Structural Clinical Interview Instrument and the Coddington Life Events Scale were used for data collection. FINDINGS The majority of respondents reported life situations(More)
The authors provide an indepth analysis of discography, a provocative diagnostic tool to determine the origin of low-back pain. Injecting the intervertebral disc with radiopaque dye provides physicians with several useful pieces of information. First, the modality provides radiographic evaluation of the integrity of the nucleus pulposus and annular rings to(More)
  • J K Warren
  • 1998
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine whether abused and nonabused pregnant, low-socioeconomic adolescents differ in regard to perceived self-care capabilities. SAMPLE The sample (N = 36) consisted of 18 abused/neglected and 18 nonabused/non-neglected adolescents. DATA ANALYSIS The adolescents' responses on the Denyes Self-Care Agency(More)
FUNDING: Overall, 2004-2005 was another excellent year in which the department continued to excel in education, research and service. Research funding in the department was $4,501,221 (total costs) in NIH support (source: NIH Website). This is a decline of about 2 million from the previous year. While this decline is large and concerning, a major(More)