Jennifer W Cole

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STUDY DESIGN A prospective blinded, randomized controlled study compared the effect of a perioperative infusion of aprotinin versus placebo during long segment spinal fusions in children. OBJECTIVES To determine whether aprotinin decreases blood loss and transfusion requirements in pediatric patients with spinal deformities undergoing posterior spinal(More)
BACKGROUND Children display a variety of behaviour during anaesthetic recovery. The purpose of this study was to study the frequency and duration of emergence behaviour in children following anaesthesia and the factors that alter the incidence of various emergence behaviour following anaesthesia. METHODS A prospective study of children who required(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical studies have provided conflicting conclusions about whether the frequency of emergence agitation is increased in children following sevoflurane anaesthesia. The purpose of the study was to determine a frequency and duration of agitation with halothane and sevoflurane anaesthesia and whether oxycodone premedication affected the incidence(More)
his agammaglobulinemia it was thought that the patient should receive immunoglobulin replacement to further decrease the risk of infections. Because of previous reports of quick urinary losses of IVIG,2 subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIG) was initiated. A dose of 1 gramperweekwas calculated based onHizentra dosing guidelines and patient’s weight. The patient(More)
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