Jennifer Vinopal

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NOTES This is the peer­reviewed version of an article published in the Journal of Library Administration, 53(1), 2013, special issue " Digital Humanities in Libraries: New Models for Scholarly Engagement. " This version of the work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution­NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. ABSTRACT New York University Libraries and(More)
The gas chromatographic (GC) elution order and relative retention time data (compared to aldrin) are presented for 78 pesticides and pesticide metabolites on 4 different types of commercially available 2 mm id Ultra-Bond columns including Ultra-Bond 20M (20M), Ultra-Bond 20SE (20SE), Ultra-Bond 20M coated with 1% OV-210 (OV-210), and Ultra-Bond 20M coated(More)
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