Jennifer Villarreal

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Wounding of fresh produce may elicit an increase in antioxidant capacity associated with wound-induced phenolic compounds. However , there have been no reports on the wounding response of different types of fresh produce. Changes in antioxidant capacity, total soluble phenolics, ascorbic acid, total carotenoids and total anthocyanins were evaluated after(More)
Indorenate (TR3369, 5-methoxytryptamine b-methylcarboxylate HCl) is a 5-HT1-like receptor agonist with hypotensive activity. Here, we describe that indorenate also decreases food intake (ED50 26.1 mg/kg) without an appreciable effect in water intake (the estimated ED50 for water was 589.8 mg/kg). The anorectic activity of indorenate was compared to the(More)
The chronic exposure of rats to a schedule of operant water reinforcement coupled with chronically restricted access to water sensitized the animals to intermittent d-amphetamine injections (0.31-2.5 mg/kg with intervals of 12-23 days between any two injections) in such a way that this drug came to produce catastrophic losses of body weight (32.4% of(More)
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