Jennifer Traeger

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When bovine articular cartilage was incubated in Ringer's solution, considerable amounts of proteoglycan were washed out of the cartilage. Thus, 4% of the proteoglycan was lost into the medium during an incubation of 4 hours. Subsequently, it was found that ionic aqueous media like saline or Ringer's solution extracted much more proteoglycan than ion-free(More)
Cemented cups in the young patient continue to show an unacceptable rate of early aseptic loosening. A well designed cementless prosthesis, implanted with good technique, is a better alternative. With the uncertainty surrounding the femoral stem, a hybrid total hip with a cemented stem and porous ingrowth cup remains an acceptable interim solution. There is(More)
Human osteoblastic cells were grown in a three-dimensional (3-D) cell culture model and used to test the effects of a 20 Hz sinusoidal electromagnetic field (EMF; 6 mT and 113 mV/cm max) on collagen type I mRNA expression and extracellular matrix formation in comparison with the effects of growth factors. The cells were isolated from trabecular bone of a(More)
Grieving a significant loss is a complex process for adults and children, because grief can affect our emotions, bodies, thoughts, behavior, relationships, and spirituality. Given the demanding nature of grief, parents and caregivers find it challenging to take care of all the needs of a grieving family, including their own needs. While it may feel natural(More)
Advantages and disadvantages of various fixation procedures for use in fractures of the femoral neck--blade-plate with temporary fixation by means of Kirschner wire insertion or dynamic hip screws--and hemi- or total allo-arthroplasty are described. The large number of fixation procedures for pertrochanteric fractures reflects the difficulty in achieving(More)
Complications associated with spinal metastases encompass not only pain, but often neurological deficits and possibly even paralysis due to transverse lesions. The differential indication for dorsal, ventral and combined surgical procedures depends on the nature and extent of the tumor, and the life expectancy and general state of health of the patient.(More)
Most authors associate avascular necrosis of the femoral head with ischemia, caused by injuries or diseases of the nutrient vessels or by alteration of the hemorheology. We examined the rheological properties of the blood in 39 patients with nontraumatic avascular necrosis of the femoral head by following tests: viscosimetry, filtrometry and aggregation of(More)
Since the introduction of more effective adjuvant therapies in the area of primary and secondary bone tumors, limb salvage procedures have become more and more important. At the Orthopedic Department of the Technical University, Munich, 52 special knee prostheses have been implanted in patients with malignant tumors of the distal femur and proximal tibia.(More)
We show two case reports to discuss the problem of fatigue fractures of non-cemented porous coated total hip prosthesis. Fatigue fractures occur in the region of highest tensile stresses. Because of the surface irregularities of the porous coating, tensile stresses in the surface of the stems are increased depending on the configuration of the pore. A thick(More)