Jennifer Steiner Klein

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BACKGROUND Awareness of the clinical features of anaphylaxis and its causative triggers is important if recurrent episodes are to be avoided. The incidence of anaphylaxis in the general population is often underreported, and epidemiologic studies are few. Because an accurate profile of anaphylaxis could heighten awareness of this problem, we investigated(More)
The existence of a proform of MBP is predicted from the sequence of MBP cDNA clones. ProMBP has been purified from the supernatants of CHO cells transfected with cDNA encoding prepro MBP. Purification involved heparin-Sepharose affinity purification followed by two sequential size fractionation steps over Sephadex G-100 and yielded proMBP with a molecular(More)
The present debate concerning the National Information Infrastructure (NII)[1] has focused primarily on the introduction of competitive markets for the supply and distribution of information. Although competition will be an important component of the NII, and one which we welcome, we argue that it is inappropriate to frame the debate entirely in terms of(More)
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