Jennifer Stander

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We present a spatial model for the mean and correlation of highly dispersed count data, and apply it to individual-level counts of the nematode Wuchereria bancrofti, a parasite of humans which causes the disease lymphatic filariasis. Our model uses the negative binomial distribution, whose shape parameter is a convenient index of over-dispersion. Spatial(More)
This paper describes an instrument capable of detecting flaws in "green-state" (prior to sintering) powder metallurgy (P/M) parts. The instrument uses a matrix of impedance measurements from a multiprobe array which contacts the surface of the P/M part. The array of measured data is processed to not only detect the presence of flaws, but also determine(More)
This paper describes a high speed, low noise analog integrated circuit which has been designed to interface with charge-coupled device (CCD) arrays in high speed CCD camera systems. This IC performs the analog signal processing functions required between the CCD output and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) input. Channel gain can be adjusted from 2.7 to 12(More)
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