Jennifer Smullen

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The purinergic regulation of ciliary activity was studied using small, continuously superfused explants of human nasal epithelium. The P2Y(2) purinoceptor (P2Y(2)-R) was identified as the major purinoceptor regulating ciliary beat frequency (CBF); UTP (EC(50) = 4.7 microM), ATP, and adenosine-5'-O-(3-thiotriphosphate) elicited similar maximal responses,(More)
Sound-induced stapes velocity (Vs) was measured intraoperatively in 14 patients undergoing cochlear implantation. All 14 patients had no history of middle-ear pathology, and their ossicular chains appeared normal on intraoperative inspection and palpation. The magnitude of the mean Vs (normalized by simultaneously-measured ear-canal sound pressure) was(More)
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