Jennifer Shen

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Innate regulatory networks within organs maintain tissue homeostasis and facilitate rapid responses to damage. We identified a novel pathway regulating vessel stability in tissues that involves matrix metalloproteinase 14 (MMP14) and transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGFbeta(1)). Whereas plasma proteins rapidly extravasate out of vasculature in wild-type(More)
We have investigated the development of the Drosophila neuroendocrine gland, the corpus cardiacum (CC), and identified the role of regulatory genes and signaling pathways in CC morphogenesis. CC progenitors segregate from the blastoderm as part of the anterior lip of the ventral furrow. Among the early genetic determinants expressed and required in this(More)
—Multi-robot manipulation allows for scalable environmental interaction, which is critical for multi-robot systems to have an impact on our world. A successful manipulation model requires cost-effective robots, robust hardware, and proper system feedback and control. This paper details key sensing and manipulator capabilities of the r-one robot. The r-one(More)
A theoretical model has been developed to explain the effects of simple linear windowing on the apparent contrasts of signals in displayed digital images. The model predicts, and experimental results demonstrate, that the effective displayed contrast of a digital radiographic signal depends in a complex way upon interactions among the endpoints of the(More)
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