Jennifer Shang

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Offering online personalized recommendation services helps improve customer satisfaction. Conventionally, a recommendation system is considered as a success if clients purchase the recommended products. However, the act of purchasing itself does not guarantee satisfaction and a truly successful recommendation system should be one that maximizes the(More)
2 This study examines why firms fail or survive in the volatile software industry. We provide a novel perspective by considering how software firms' capabilities and their competitive actions affect their ultimate survival. Drawing on the resource based view (RBV) we conceptualize capabilities as a firm's ability to efficiently transform input resources(More)
Keywords: Outsourcing Balanced scorecard ANP Decision support Robustness and sensitivity analysis a b s t r a c t We combine the Analytic Network Process (ANP) and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to build a cohesive decision model for determining firm level IT outsourcing strategy. Although prior research has confirmed the existence of interactions among BSC(More)
Keywords: Multiple criteria analysis Hadamard product induced bias matrix Pairwise comparison matrix Cardinal and ordinal inconsistency Graph theory a b s t r a c t Cardinal and ordinal inconsistencies are important and popular research topics in the study of decision making with pair-wise comparison matrices (PCMs). Few of the currently-employed tactics(More)