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2 This study examines why firms fail or survive in the volatile software industry. We provide a novel perspective by considering how software firms' capabilities and their competitive actions affect their ultimate survival. Drawing on the resource based view (RBV) we conceptualize capabilities as a firm's ability to efficiently transform input resources(More)
O nline retailing provides an opportunity for new pricing options that are not feasible in traditional retail settings. This paper proposes an interactive, dynamic pricing strategy from the perspective of customized bundling to derive savings for customers while maximizing profits for electronic retailers (" e-tailers "). Given product costs, posted prices,(More)
Offering online personalized recommendation services helps improve customer satisfaction. Conventionally, a recommendation system is considered as a success if clients purchase the recommended products. However, the act of purchasing itself does not guarantee satisfaction and a truly successful recommendation system should be one that maximizes the(More)
Keywords: Outsourcing Balanced scorecard ANP Decision support Robustness and sensitivity analysis a b s t r a c t We combine the Analytic Network Process (ANP) and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to build a cohesive decision model for determining firm level IT outsourcing strategy. Although prior research has confirmed the existence of interactions among BSC(More)
Keywords: Multiple criteria analysis Hadamard product induced bias matrix Pairwise comparison matrix Cardinal and ordinal inconsistency Graph theory a b s t r a c t Cardinal and ordinal inconsistencies are important and popular research topics in the study of decision making with pair-wise comparison matrices (PCMs). Few of the currently-employed tactics(More)