Jennifer Schramm

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New Internet and Web-based technology applications have meant significant cost and time effi-ciencies to many American businesses. However, many employers have not yet fully grasped the impact of these new information and communication technologies on applicants and employees with certain disabilities such as vision impairments, hearing problems or limited(More)
Industrialized countries are currently experiencing drastic demographic shifts due to declining fertility rates and longer life spans. In most cases, this shift is leading to a decline in the working-age population and an increase in the retired-age population. Economists and policy-makers are concerned that the smaller pool of workers will not be able to(More)
Offshoring is the exporting of jobs from developed countries to countries where labor and other costs are lower. A globalizing economy along with inexpensive telecommunications technology is making it easier for many jobs that were previously immune to offshoring to be sent overseas. As globalization accelerates, the offshoring trend is likely to intensify(More)
PROBLEM The interdependencies between movements of the thighs and the lumbar vertebral shape are of high practical interest. Which are the normals of this phenomenon? METHOD In an experiment on 107 volunteers without before known spinal disorders and complaints of back pain (47 f, 60 m, 17 a-30 a), the interdependencies between movements of the thighs in(More)
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