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BACKGROUND It has been hypothesized that depletion of cell membrane n3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), particularly docosahexanoic acid (DHA), may be of etiological importance in depression. METHODS We measured the fatty acid composition of phospholipid in cell membranes from red blood cells (RBC) of 15 depressive patients and 15 healthy control(More)
Rabbit retinas were incubated at 37 C in media lacking oxygen, glucose, or both, or sealed in a small compartment without medium to convert them to a "closed system." They were then returned to control medium before being fixed for microscopy. Other retinas were incubated only in control medium and then fixed. Conversion of the retina to a closed system(More)
Natural killer T (NKT) cells are distinct glycolipid reactive innate lymphocytes that are implicated in the resistance to pathogens and tumors. Earlier attempts to mobilize NKT cells, specifically, in vivo in humans met with limited success. Here, we evaluated intravenous injection of monocyte-derived mature DCs that were loaded with a synthetic NKT cell(More)
Synopsis Colloidal interactions between particles in a dispersion can be tuned by grafting polymeric chains onto the surface of the particles. The affinity between the polymeric chains and the continuous-phase liquid controls the strength of these interactions. In our system the polymer– liquid affinity is strongly influenced by temperature, and as a(More)
Tardive dyskinesia, an involuntary abnormal movement disorder, is a serious untoward effect of neuroleptic treatment. Certain patient populations likely to be treated with neuroleptics have an increased rate of abnormal movements--or stereotypies (ST)--at baseline that may be difficult to differentiate from neuroleptic-related dyskinesias. The objective of(More)
A novel hydrophilic macromer adapted for chemical grafting has been synthesized. It consists of methyl-end-capped poly(ethylene glycol) functionalized with a urethane terminus. Dispersion polym-erization of styrene in an alcohol/water medium in the presence of the macromer allows chemical grafting of the macromer to the surfaces of the developing(More)
Rabbit retina was deprived of O(2) and glucose in vitro for up to four hours at 37 C. Intracellular volume was measured, using inulin as an extracellular marker. After a 30-minute latency, cells swelled rapidly to more than twice normal volume while extracellular volume was unchanged. Intracellular accumulation of water was not reversed by resupply of(More)
This research measured naltrexone levels in plasma, to assess the relationship between behavioral response to naltrexone and plasma levels, and the effects of naltrexone on weight in hospitalized autistic children (n = 41). A double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel groups design with fixed dose was used, with random assignment to naltrexone or placebo.(More)
The long-term effects of haloperidol on weight were assessed in 30 children, 25 males and 5 females, diagnosed with autistic disorder whose ages ranged from 3.08 to 8.42 years. They received haloperidol (0.25-3.50 mg/day; mean 1.26 +/- 0.84) for 6 months followed by a 4-week drug withdrawal period. Weights obtained on the last day of the 6-month haloperidol(More)
The present study compared baseline assessments of 30 autistic children studied at ages 2.8 to 6.3 years (mean = 4.5; median = 4.5) with assessments at followup 0.38 to 14.3 years later (mean = 5.05; median = 4.33). The assessments included diagnosis, Severity of illness, and intellectual functioning. At the time of followup, when they participated in the(More)
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