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Controlled cortical impact (CCI), using a pneumatically driven impactor to produce traumatic brain injury, has been characterized previously in both the ferret and in the rat. In the present study, we applied this technique to establish and characterize the CCI model of brain injury in another species, the mouse, evaluating cognitive and histopathologic(More)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been proven effective for treatment of several types of cancer. Photodynamic therapy alone, however, attains limited cures with some tumours and there is need for its improved efficacy in such cases. Sphingolipid (SL) analogues can promote tumour response in combination with anticancer drugs. In this study, we used mouse(More)
Simulations are being used in education and training to enhance understanding, improve performance, and assess competence. However, it is important to measure the performance of these simulations as learning and training tools. This study examined and compared knowledge acquisition using a knowledge structure design. The subjects were first-year medical(More)
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