Jennifer S. Haas

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CONTEXT Homeless persons face numerous barriers to receiving health care and have high rates of illness and disability. Factors associated with health care utilization by homeless persons have not been explored from a national perspective. OBJECTIVE To describe factors associated with use of and perceived barriers to receipt of health care among homeless(More)
BACKGROUND The recent publication of clinical trial results has led to a dramatic shift in the evidence about postmenopausal hormone therapy. OBJECTIVE To examine whether the publication of clinical trial results, specifically the Heart and Estrogen/progestin Replacement Study (HERS) in 1998 and the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) in 2002, has influenced(More)
OBJECTIVE Gestational weight gain consistent with the Institute of Medicine's recommendations is associated with better maternal and infant outcomes. The objective was to quantify the effect of pre-pregnancy factors, pregnancy-related health conditions, and modifiable pregnancy factors on the risks of inadequate and excessive gestational weight gain. (More)
BACKGROUND The accuracy of a woman's perception of her risk of developing breast cancer has gained importance as more options for primary prevention have become available for those at increased risk. Conversely, women at average risk who perceive themselves as at increased risk may suffer from avoidable anxiety or unnecessary treatment. This study examined(More)
IMPORTANCE It is important to document patterns of prescription drug use to inform both clinical practice and research. OBJECTIVE To evaluate trends in prescription drug use among adults living in the United States. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Temporal trends in prescription drug use were evaluated using nationally representative data from the(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the relationships among prepregnancy body mass index (BMI), women's target gestational weight gain, and provider weight gain advice. METHODS Project WISH, the acronym for Women and Infants Starting Healthy, is a longitudinal cohort study of pregnant women in the San Francisco Bay area. We excluded subjects with preterm birth, multiple(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was designed to determine whether resource use and mortality differed by insurance status for patients with acute trauma. METHODS All adults emergently hospitalized in Massachusetts during 1990 with acute trauma (n = 15,008) were examined. RESULTS After adjustment for confounders, uninsured patients were as likely to receive care(More)
Objectives: Few studies have examined factors associated with compliance with a postpartum visit (PPV). The identification of such factors is of particular importance in populations with high rates of unintended pregnancies and medical complications of pregnancy. This study seeks to determine factors associated with compliance with a PPV among low-income(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine changes in health status among women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH). METHODS We examined perceived health status changes from the prepregnancy, as recalled at 12-20 weeks gestation, to the postpartum period in women with GDM (n = 64) vs. unaffected gravidas (n = 1233) and women(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the relationship between compliance with the US Public Health Service guidelines for prenatal care and the rate of prenatal hospitalization. METHODS For all women admitted to a Boston referral center during January and February 1993 with a pregnancy of at least 18 weeks gestation (n = 1400), a proportional hazards model was(More)