Jennifer Ruth Foster

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Procainamide, a type 1A antiarrhythmic drug, blocks sodium channels and reduces the maximum rate of rise of the cardiac action potential (Vmax) in a rate-dependent fashion. In vitro, the magnitude of this rate-dependent reduction in Vmax is greater in tissue that is partially depolarized at rest than in tissue with a normal resting potential. Reductions in(More)
Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a state of severe insulin deficiency, either absolute or relative, resulting in hyperglycemia and ketonemia. Although possibly underappreciated, up to 10% of cases of intracerebral complications associated with an episode of DKA, and/or its treatment, in children and youth are due to hemorrhage or ischemic brain infarction.(More)
The effects of intravenous lidocaine were assessed in 11 patients with normal intraventricular conduction in whom reentry within the His-Purkinje system (RE-HPS) occurred consistently over a narrow range of ventricular (S1S2) coupling intervals. RE-HPS was characterized by a spontaneous beat (V3) inducible by critically timed premature stimuli (S2) during(More)
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