Jennifer Robert Rogers

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Mineralogy, microbial ecology, and mineral weathering in the subsurface are an intimately linked biogeochemical system. Although bacteria have been implicated indirectly in the accelerated weathering of minerals, it is not clear if this interaction is simply the coincidental result of microbial metabolism, or if it represents a speci c strategy offering the(More)
Procedures are described for the acquisition and analysis of data in a study of the dental and facial characteristics of South Australian twins. Comparisons of the mesiodistal diameters of maxillary incisors in MZ and DZ twins revealed heterogeneity of total variances and evidence of inequality of mean values for some dimensions between MZ and DZ twins.(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of this study is to identify lower-extremity (LE) musculoskeletal characteristics of elite female soccer players and to determine whether differences between dominant and nondominant extremities exist with respect to strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Physical data were collected from 26 female professional soccer players.(More)
This study is a cross-validation analysis of the five-factor interpretative model of the Suicide Opinion Questionnaire (Domino, Moore, Westlake, & Gibson, 1982) reported by Rogers and DeShon (1992). Results indicated moderate support for the five-factor model. That is, although the factor analysis results generally supported the 5-factor model, a number of(More)
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