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A survey of emergency department visits was conducted over a 56-week period between November 1980 and November 1981. Inappropriate ambulance use and unmet ambulance need were compared between two cities (one large and one small) with paramedic ambulance services and two cities (one large and one small) with nonparamedic ambulance services. A total of 6,405(More)
A study of 713 motor vehicle accidents involving 749 children in the city of Vancouver is reported. A control group of 110 children who did not have accidents was included in the concurrent study. Factors investigated were the driver, the vehicle, the weather, the time of day, the day of week, the month, the width of roadway, the location of the accident,(More)
M ost people who think about alchemy in the present age (and there are not many who do) regard it as the pretended art of transmuting base metals, such as lead, into the noble ones, silver and gold. Liebig held the view that alchemy was never anything else but chemistry; from this point of view one may look upon alchemy as the chemistry of the Middle Ages.(More)
Any appraisal of child health in Canada must contend with broad cultural and geographical differences reflected in variations in demological and sociological data. However, the data presently available suggest the following trends: (1) Infant and neonatal mortality decreases with the improved facilities of urbanization, but many psycho-social variables need(More)