Jennifer Ramseyer

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Using a large sample of financially distressed small firms in Japan, we find that a distressed firm goes bankrupt faster if it uses proportionately more trade credits. Financially distressed firms experiencing a sharp decrease in trade payables are also more likely to go bankrupt. This suggests that coordination failure among a large number of dispersed(More)
Managing interdepartmental relations in healthcare organizations is a major challenge for nursing administrators. The authors describe the implementation process of an organization-wide change effort involving individuals from departments throughout the medical center. These strategies can serve as a model to guide effective planning in other institutions(More)
Prostitution is low-skill, labor intensive, female, and well paid. This paper proposes a marriage market explanation to this puzzle. If a prostitute compromises her marriage market prospects, she will have to be compensated for forgone marriage market opportunities. We discuss the link between poverty and prostitution and show that prostitution may decrease(More)
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