Jennifer R Read

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BACKGROUND International policy suggests that collaborative priority setting (CPS) between researchers and end users of research should shape the research agenda, and can increase capacity to address the research-practice translational gap. There is limited research evidence to guide how this should be done to meet the needs of dynamic healthcare systems.(More)
BACKGROUND Negative premenstrual change can result in distress for a significant proportion of women. Previous research has suggested that women employ a range of coping strategies and behaviours in order to manage and reduce premenstrual distress. However, as yet there has been no specific scale available to measure premenstrual coping. This research aimed(More)
Neurogenic foreign accent syndrome (FAS) is diagnosed when listeners perceive speech associated with motor speech impairments as foreign rather than disordered. Speakers with foreign accent syndrome typically have aphasia. It remains unclear how far language changes might contribute to the perception of foreign accent syndrome independent of accent. Judges(More)
BACKGROUND Transient ischaemic attack (TIA) is characterised by its transient nature with symptoms of neurological dysfunction resolving within 24 hours. The occurrence of TIA is a major risk factor for stroke with 10-15% of TIA patients going on to have ischaemic stroke. Internationally, recommendations for the management of TIA focus on the need for early(More)
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