Jennifer R. Henkel

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M2, an acid-activated ion channel, is an influenza A virus membrane protein required for efficient nucleocapsid release after viral fusion with the endosomal membrane. Recombinant M2 slows protein traffic through the Golgi complex (Sakaguchi, T., Leser, G. P)., and Lamb, R. A. (1996) J. Cell Biol. 133, 733-47). Despite its critical role in viral infection,(More)
The function of acidification in protein sorting along the biosynthetic pathway has been difficult to elucidate, in part because reagents used to alter organelle pH affect all acidified compartments and are poorly reversible. We have used a novel approach to examine the role of acidification in protein sorting in polarized Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK)(More)
The function of acidification along the endocytic pathway is not well understood, in part because the perturbants used to modify compartmental pH have global effects and in some cases alter cytoplasmic pH. We have used a new approach to study the effect of pH perturbation on postendocytic traffic in polarized Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells.(More)
Many sorting stations along the biosynthetic and endocytic pathways are acidified, suggesting a role for pH regulation in protein traffic. However, the function of acidification in individual compartments has been difficult to examine because global pH perturbants affect all acidified organelles in the cell and also have numerous side effects. To circumvent(More)
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