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Whether exotic species invade new habitats successfully depends on (i) a change in the invaded habitat that makes it suitable for the invader and (ii) a genetic change in the invading taxon that enhances its fitness in the new habitat, or both. We dissect the causes of invasions of Swiss lakes, north of the Alps, by Daphnia galeata (a zooplankter typical of(More)
Skates are widely consumed across the globe, but many large species are subject to considerable concern regarding their conservation and management. Within Europe such issues have recently driven policy changes so that, for the first time, reports of skate landings now have to be made under species-specific names. Total allowable catches have also been(More)
OBJECTIVE The positioning and meaning of palliative care within the healthcare system lacks clarity which adds a level of complexity to the process of transition to palliative care. This study explores the transition to the palliative care process in the acute care context of metastatic melanoma. METHOD A theoretical framework drawing on interpretive and(More)
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