Jennifer R Follett

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We present the application of a nonparametric method to performing functional principal component analysis for functional curve data that consist of measurements of a random trajectory for a sample of subjects. This design typically consists of an irregular grid of time points on which repeated measurements are taken for a number of subjects. We introduce(More)
BACKGROUND A quantitative understanding of human folate metabolism is needed. OBJECTIVE The objective was to quantify and interpret human folate metabolism as it might occur in vivo. DESIGN Adults (n = 13) received 0.5 nmol [(14)C]pteroylmonoglutamate (100 nCi radioactivity) plus 79.5 nmol pteroylmonoglutamate in water orally. (14)C was measured in(More)
Heme-Fe is an important source of dietary iron in humans. Caco-2 cells have been used extensively to study human iron absorption with an emphasis on factors affecting nonheme iron absorption. Therefore, we examined several factors known to affect heme iron absorption. Cells grown in bicameral chambers were incubated with high specific activity [59Fe]heme(More)
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