Jennifer R Carmichael

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Incomplete avulsion of the proximal hamstrings can be a severely debilitating injury that causes weakness, pain while sitting and inability to run. The results of the surgical treatment of 23 consecutive patients with such injuries at least two years after surgery are described. The surgery consisted of the repair of the hamstrings directly onto the ischial(More)
Chlamydia trachomatis, although commonly asymptomatic in women, can result in chronic sequelae, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility. However, a clear relationship has not been determined between specific serovars and the ability to lead to upper genital tract infection or infertility. Thus, in order to investigate(More)
A vaccine formulated with the Chlamydia muridarum recombinant major outer membrane protein, plus the adjuvants CpG and Montanide, was tested for its ability to protect BALB/c mice against a vaginal challenge. Mice were immunized by mucosal [intravaginal (i.vag.) plus colonic (col.), or intranasal (i.n.) plus sublingual (s.l.)], or systemic [intramuscular(More)
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