Jennifer Percival

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The current use of Health Information Technology (HIT) within healthcare practice is limited. Clinical guidelines have been developed to bring research based evidence into practice. However, there is no defining step during the development process that explores the use of HIT and how it can benefit the patient, staff and delivery of care process. This paper(More)
The process of preparation for request for proposals for health information systems typically results in missed opportunities for improvements due to the technical focus of traditional requirements gathering processes. The increased integration of health care systems between wards and external supporting agencies, reliance on professional practice(More)
This paper presents a multi-dimensional approach to knowledge translation, enabling results obtained from a survey evaluating the uptake of Information Technology within Neonatal Intensive Care Units to be translated into knowledge, in the form of health informatics capacity audits. Survey data, having multiple roles, patient care scenarios, levels, and(More)
The purpose of this analysis is to use complementarity analysis to explain why some implementations of advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) provide a high return on investment while others do not. By analysing the engineering environment, as well as the technology used in the manufacturing process, we hope to provide further insight into the necessary(More)
Lorna was very agitated when she talked to me about her problem at work. She explained that two years ago she had returned to nursing after a ten-year break and was currently an acting F grade staff nurse in a gynaecology outpatients department. Before her break, Lorna had been a ward sister in the same specialty, so when the senior nurse in the department(More)
Many people complain about the pace of life these days, whether at work with a long list of tasks to complete, or at home where half-finished projects nag at you. There never seems to be an end to it all and this leaves many people feeling unsatisfied. This was just the situation that Rose, a healthcare assistant, described. She found that she was so busy(More)
Apaediatric nurse recently shared with me her concerns about handling a tense family situation relating to a patient. She said she had been nursing a 10-year-old girl who needed to be in hospital for several weeks. During this time she noticed how the girl's mother was constantly shouting or taking her worries out on her younger son, who in turn seemed to(More)