Jennifer Patience

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Discovery of seven T Tauri stars and a brown dwarf candidate in the nearby TW Hydrae Association. Abstract We report the discovery of five T Tauri star systems , two of which are resolved binaries, in the vicinity of the nearest known region of recent star formation , the TW Hydrae Association. The newly discovered systems display the same signatures of(More)
Direct imaging of exoplanetary systems is a powerful technique that can reveal Jupiter-like planets in wide orbits, can enable detailed characterization of planetary atmospheres, and is a key step toward imaging Earth-like planets. Imaging detections are challenging because of the combined effect of small angular separation and large luminosity contrast(More)
Directly detecting thermal emission from young extrasolar planets allows measurement of their atmospheric compositions and luminosities, which are influenced by their formation mechanisms. Using the Gemini Planet Imager, we discovered a planet orbiting the ~20-million-year-old star 51 Eridani at a projected separation of 13 astronomical units. Near-infrared(More)
– 2 – ABSTRACT A 2.2 µm speckle imaging survey of 167 bright (K < 8.5 mag) Hyades members reveals a total of 33 binaries with separations spanning 0. ′′ 044 to 1. ′′ 34 and magnitude differences as large as 5.5 mag. Of these binaries, 13 are new detections and an additional 17 are now spatially resolved spectroscopic binaries, providing a sample from which(More)
HD 199143 and HD 358623 (BD-17 • 6128) are two sets of binary stars which are physically associated and 48 pc from Earth. We present heliocentric radial velocities and high lithium abundances which establish these stars as members of the ∼12 Myr-old β Pictoris Moving Group. We also present mid-IR photometric measurements which show no firm evidence for warm(More)
There is a need to establish the proportion of adult asthmatics at each step of the recommended asthma management guidelines, the cost of their prescribed treatment, and a revised cost of treatment assuming patients who were suboptimally controlled were moved up a step. Actual prescription and cost figures and a theoretical projection of an ideal scenario(More)
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