Jennifer Patashnick

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OBJECTIVE To examine explanatory models of asthma and health-related behaviors. METHODS Children and adolescents with poorly controlled asthma used Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA) to generate visual illness narratives. Visual narratives were logged, structured using ATLAS.ti software, and coded for asthma-related beliefs and behaviors. (More)
This study explored the illness experiences of adolescents with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) using Video Intervention/Prevention Assessment (VIA). Five adolescents with IDDM were asked to videotape 8 hours of their lives over a 1-month period. At the conclusion of the study, the primary investigator interviewed each adolescent and their(More)
The pediatric illness experience is a complex subject that requires a multidimensional, flexible, and patient-centered approach. The video intervention/prevention assessment (VIA) method, with its diverse source data and multidisciplinary analytical frameworks, generates findings that can be examined from any number of perspectives simply by asking(More)
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