Jennifer P White

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physiology of the pancreas graft, which is heterotopic and denervated, together with the immunosuppressive treatment and relatively impaired renal function might be responsible for minor differences in hormonal and metabolic patterns. Results comparable to ours have been described in non uraemic type I diabetic patients treated with artificial endocrine(More)
Specific gene probes were used to study restriction fragment length polymorphisms of the human alpha 1-antitrypsin gene. A polymorphism due to loss of a recognition site for the restriction enzyme Taq I was identified in eight of 42 patients with bronchiectasis and nine of 49 patients with pulmonary emphysema, none of whom had alpha 1-antitrypsin(More)
In routine clinical practice 20% of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis were treated with the regimen recommended by the British Thoracic Association after the British trial of short-course chemotherapy. Despite the use of several regimens that could be considered inadequate, no patients from the survey within south and west Wales appears to have relapsed(More)
AIM To evaluate the safety of transporting newborn infants with suspected duct dependent congenital heart disease (CHD) treated with prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) without routine mechanical ventilation. METHODS A retrospective population-based audit of newborn infants with suspected CHD transported on PGE1 by the New South Wales newborn and paediatric Transport(More)
Twenty patients who had taken overdoses of paracetamol were treated with acetylcysteine between 12 and 24 hours after the incident. Although 19 patients had plasma paracetamol concentrations greater than those associated with a 90% risk of moderate to severe liver damage, this complication occurred in only seven (35%) individuals. No patient developed(More)
Twenty patients with chronic bronchitis who were also receiving beta-agonist inhalers entered a single-blind cross-over study comparing slow-release aminophylline (Phyllocontin) 325 mg twice daily and slow-release theophylline (Rona-slophyllin) 250 mg twice daily with placebo. 16 subjects who completed the study showed no objective or subjective benefit(More)
In a retrospective survey of the management of extrapulmonary tuberculosis lymph node and genitourinary tuberculosis were found more commonly than bone and joint or gynaecological disease. Only 29% of patients received 18 moths' chemotherapy while 31% received nine to 12 months' treatment with rifampicin and isoniazid regimens and 34% had short-course(More)
A previously healthy 43-year-old electrician was first admitted to hospital in August 1978 with a seven-day history of generalised aches, sweating, haematuria, oliguria, vomiting, and frontal headaches. He kept pigeons but had had no contact with a parrot. There had been no ill health among his pigeons-as verified later by the public health authorities. He(More)
In a survey of 1000 patients with tuberculosis 28 were found to have miliary disease. Half of these patients were over 60 years old. Anorexia and weight loss were present in 19 (70%) and pyrexia in 17 (63%). A factor predisposing to tuberculosis or a history of recent contact was found in 12 (43%), and 21 (75%) had positive cultures. Seventeen (61%) had(More)