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OBJECTIVE Angiogenic factors are strongly associated with adverse maternal and fetal outcomes among women with preterm preeclampsia (PE) in developed countries. We evaluated the role of angiogenic factors and their relationship to adverse outcomes among Haitian women with PE. MATERIAL AND METHODS We measured plasma antiangiogenic soluble fms-like tyrosine(More)
Fifty children who had symptomatic sickle cell disease received matched sibling marrow allografts between September 1991 and March 1999, with Kaplan-Meier probabilities of survival and event-free survival of 94% and 84%, respectively. Twenty-six patients (16 male, 10 female) had at least 2 years of follow-up after transplantation and were evaluated for late(More)
The long-term efficacy and toxicity of hydroxyurea for infants are undefined, and its role in preventing organ dysfunction is unknown. Short-term feasibility of hydroxyurea administration, toxicities, hematologic effects, and effect on spleen function in infants with sickle cell anemia (SCA) were reported (Hydroxyurea Safety and Organ Toxicity [HUSOFT](More)
We assessed space use by 2 pairs of captive female rhesus monkeys recently transferred into 2 enclosures moderately larger than their former traditional research cages and providing elevated perches at or above human eye level for all monkeys. This new space did not affect the ongoing biomedical research in which these captive monkeys were involved, and we(More)
Twenty-four puppies (8 each of Shetland sheepdogs, Telomians, and beagles) served as subjects in this experiment which was designed to examine the effectiveness of 12 stimulus conditions (food, toys, canine contact, and human contact) on alleviation of separation-induced distress vocalization. Testing consisted of a prestimulus trial, stimulus trial, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Alloimmunization in patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) has a reported incidence of 5% to 36%. One complication of alloimmunization is delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction/hyperhemolysis (DHTR/H) syndrome, which has a reported incidence of 11%. In patients with SCD, clinical findings in DHTR/H syndrome occur approximately 1 week after the(More)
Genetic differences in endothelial biology could underlie development of phenotypic heterogeneity among persons afflicted with vascular diseases. We obtained blood outgrowth endothelial cells from 20 subjects with sickle cell anemia (age, 4-19 years) shown to be either at-risk (n=11) or not-at-risk (n=9) for ischemic stroke because of, respectively, having(More)
A population of very low birthweight (VLBW) infants consisting of 41 infants (24 female) less than 1000 g birthweight and 108 infants (63 female) 1000-1499 g together with a normative group of 36 full-term infants (18 female) 2400-4500 g birthweight were used to acquire auditory brainstem evoked response data. Inter-peak latency intervals were derived from(More)
This experiment concerns 2 issues: the time of onset of the process of social attachment in the dog, and the nature of the interaction between the emotion of separation distress and that caused by discomfort. The subjects were 48 puppies from 4 genetic backgrounds: beagles, Telomians, and their reciprocal F1 hybrids. Puppies were divided into 4 groups nd(More)
PURPOSE/BACKGROUND Researchers have identified sex-differences in lower extremity muscle activation during functional activities that involve landing and cutting maneuvers. However, less research has been conducted to determine if muscle activation differences occur during rehabilitation exercises. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if(More)