Jennifer P Crumley

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Solitary waves with large electric fields (up to 100’s of mV/m) have been observed throughout the magnetosphere and in the bow shock. We discuss observations by Polar at high altitudes (∼ 4–8RE), during crossings of the plasma sheet boundary and cusp, and new measurements by Polar at the equatorial magnetopause and by Cluster near the bow shock, in the cusp(More)
OBJECTIVES With advancing age, physiologic changes occur that affect drug metabolism. Possibly the most predictable function decline in geriatric population is renal function. METHODS The prescribing habits of physicians and the attention given to patient renal function was investigated. Data was collected from two nursing facilities in southeastern(More)
In three adjacent Newfoundland communities comprising some 1500 people, 589 people have been HLA typed. Forty-six of the typed people gave a history of previous clinical tuberculosis which required treatment. Fifty-six percent of the TB patients carried HLA B8 compared with 20% of the remainder of the population. This is a highly significant difference (P(More)
A familial aggregate of seven cases of Hodgkin's disease (HD) has been investigated by HLA typing. Over 600 people in the immediate population (i.e. about half) have been HLA typed and haplotypes have been obtained for 95% of them. It was expected that the cases would share a particular HLA haplotype or at least that they would have one or two HLA antigens(More)
Standard practice for weaning patients off venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) occurs by decreasing pump flows until idle flow is achieved. This method is limited in its use because it is difficult to assess a patient's true potential to successfully come off ECMO when supported by idle flow. We have developed a weaning technique that(More)
Particle in cell simulations of solitary waves have been performed using a 2D3V code with one electron and two ion species. Data from the FAST and Polar spacecraft are used to provide input parameters, and based on the observations no cold plasma was included in contrast to earlier simulations. Simulations containing both oxygen and hydrogen beams are(More)
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