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We show here that Ask1p, Dad2p, Spc19p and Spc34p are subunits of the budding yeast Duo1p-Dam1p- Dad1p complex, which associate with kinetochores and localize along metaphase and anaphase spindles. Analysis of spc34-3 cells revealed three novel functions of the Duo1-Dam1p-Dad1p subunit Spc34p. First, SPC34 is required to establish biorientation of sister(More)
The protein kinase Mps1 is, among others, essential for the spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC). We found that Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mps1 interacts physically with the N-terminal domain of Ndc80 (Ndc80(1-257)), a constituent of the Ndc80 kinetochore complex. Furthermore, Mps1 effectively phosphorylates Ndc80(1-257) in vitro and facilitates Ndc80(More)
In this demonstration, we will showcase Myria, our novel cloud service for big data management and analytics designed to improve productivity. Myria's goal is for users to simply upload their data and for the system to help them be self-sufficient data science experts on their data -- self-serve analytics. Using a web browser, Myria users can upload data,(More)
Cranberries, high in polyphenols, have been associated with several cardiovascular health benefits, although limited clinical trials have been reported to validate these findings. We tested the hypothesis that commercially available low-energy cranberry juice (Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc, Lakeville-Middleboro, Mass) will decrease surrogate risk factors of(More)
We identified a physical complex consisting of Mtw1p, an established kinetochore protein, with Nnf1p, Nsl1p and Dsn1p and have demonstrated that Nnf1p, Nsl1p and Dsn1p localize to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae kinetochore. When challenged prior to metaphase, the temperature-sensitive mutants nsl1-16 and nsl1-42 as well as Nsl1p-depleted cells failed to(More)
Tests were conducted by a Task Force on Disinfectant Test Methods that was appointed to investigate controversies regarding the accuracy of AOAC test methods for disinfectants as presented in AOAC's Official Methods of Analysis, Chapter 6. The general principles for new and improved AOAC tests are discussed, and a disinfectant test using microbes labeled(More)
A critical aspect of mitosis is the interaction of the kinetochore with spindle microtubules. Fission yeast Mal3 is a member of the EB1 family of microtubule plus-end binding proteins, which have been implicated in this process. However, the Mal3 interaction partner at the kinetochore had not been identified. Here, we show that the mal3 mutant phenotype can(More)
We develop and evaluate an approach for generating Personalized Service Level Agreements (PSLAs) that separate cloud users from the details of compute resources behind a cloud database management service. PSLAs retain the possibility to trade-off performance for cost and do so in a manner specific to the user's database.
Public Clouds today provide a variety of services for data analysis such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce and Google BigQuery. Each service comes with a pricing model and service level agreement (SLA). Today's pricing models and SLAs are described at the level of compute resources (instance-hours or gigabytes processed). They are also different from one service(More)
We demonstrate PerfEnforce, a dynamic scaling engine for analytics services. PerfEnforce automatically scales a cluster of virtual machines in order to minimize costs while probabilistically meeting the query runtime guarantees offered by a performance-oriented service level agreement (SLA). The demonstration will show three families of dynamic scaling(More)