Jennifer Newbould

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BACKGROUND In 2008, the English Department of Health appointed 16 'Integrated Care Pilots' which used a range of approaches to provide better integrated care. We report qualitative analyses from a three-year multi-method evaluation to identify barriers and facilitators to successful integration of care. THEORY AND METHODS Data were analysed from(More)
Researchers from the York Health Economics Consortium were responsible for the quantitative aspects of the research whilst the School of Pharmacy led on the qualitative aspects, and research relating to care homes. However, the outputs reported in this document represent a collaborative effort on the part of the entire research team. Throughout this report(More)
Reaching a decision about whether and when to visit the doctor can be a difficult process for the patient. An early visit may cause the doctor to wonder why the patient chose to consult when the disease was self-limiting and symptoms would have settled without medical input. A late visit may cause the doctor to express dismay that the patient waited so long(More)
Objective To evaluate a "telephone first" approach, in which all patients wanting to see a general practitioner (GP) are asked to speak to a GP on the phone before being given an appointment for a face to face consultation.Design Time series and cross sectional analysis of routine healthcare data, data from national surveys, and primary survey(More)
R ® is a registered trademark. RAND Europe is an independent, not-for-profit research organisation whose mission is to improve policy and decision making for the public good. RAND's publications do not necessarily reflect the opinions of its research clients and sponsors. Limited Print and Electronic Distribution Rights This document and trademark(s)(More)
Evaluation of the UCLH-Macmillan Partnership to deliver improvements in the care, treatment, support, and information to patients with cancer throughout their individual journeys RAND Europe is an independent, not-for-profit policy research organisation that aims to improve policy and decisionmaking in the public interest through research and analysis.(More)
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