Jennifer N. Sullivan

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Amelioration or cure of hypertension, hypercortisolism, diarrhea with steatorrhea, and massive proteinuria resulted from excision of a pheochromocytoma that contained immunoreactive ACTH, VIP, and somatostatin. Ectopic ACTH production by the tumor was clearly the cause of the hypercortisolism, and the possible involvement of VIP and somatostatin in the(More)
We describe four cases of active pulmonary tuberculosis with hypercalcemia. The hypercalcemia developed three to eight weeks after the patients were admitted to the hospital, when clinical improvement due to specific drug therapy for the infection was also evident. The abnormality persisted for three to seven weeks and subsided spontaneously. In each case,(More)
Conflicting findings on the ability of cAMP analogs or phophodiesterase inhibitors to stimulate precursor incorporation into macromolecules of rat cartilage have been reported. Therefore, the effects of these compounds on the incorporation of uridine into RNA, leucine into proteins, and sulfate into proteoglycans have been reexamined in cartilage from(More)
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