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The k-Young lattice Y k is a partial order on partitions with no part larger than k. This weak subposet of the Young lattice originated [9] from the study of the k-Schur functions s (k) λ , symmetric functions that form a natural basis of the space spanned by homogeneous functions indexed by k-bounded partitions. The chains in the k-Young lattice are(More)
AIMS Several decades of research have shown that lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) adults are at high risk for substance use and substance use disorders (SUDs). These problems may often start prior to young adulthood; however, relatively little is known about risk for substance use in LGB adolescents. The primary aims of this paper were to conduct a(More)
We study combinatorial aspects of the Schubert calculus of the affine Grassmannian Gr associated with SL(n, C). Our main results are: • Pieri rules for the Schubert bases of H * (Gr) and H * (Gr), which expresses the product of a special Schubert class and an arbitrary Schubert class in terms of Schubert classes. • A new combinatorial definition for k-Schur(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To conduct an investigation of women's experiences related to adjuvant endocrine therapy (AET) and managing AET-related symptoms. RESEARCH APPROACH Qualitative, focus group design. SETTING Main campus of the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. PARTICIPANTS 14 breast cancer survivors, aged 50 years or older, with AET-related(More)
The following item is made available as a courtesy to scholars by the author(s) and Drexel University Library and may contain materials and content, including computer code and tags, artwork, text, graphics, images, and illustrations (Material) which may be protected by copyright law. Unless otherwise noted, the Material is made available for non profit and(More)
A brief but valid self-report measure to screen for personality disorders (PDs) would be a valuable tool in making decisions about further assessment and in planning optimal treatments. In psychiatric and nonpsychiatric samples, we compared the validity of three screening measures: the PD scales from the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems, a self-report(More)
Breast cancer survivors often receive long-term adjuvant endocrine therapy (AET) to reduce recurrence risk. Adherence to AET is suboptimal, which may be due to the experience of symptoms and/or concerns. Few studies have comprehensively assessed self-reported concerns between those who currently, previously or have never received AET. The study objective is(More)
Our aim was to assess the content validity of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) social health item banks by comparing a prespecified conceptual model with concepts that focus-group participants identified as important social-health-related outcomes. These data will inform the process of improving health-related(More)