Jennifer Milliron

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Self-reported narcissism, self-esteem, and perceptions of parents as nurturing were examined in a sample of 459 undergraduates. In zero-order and partial correlations, dimensions from the Narcissistic Personality Inventory displayed inter-relationships and linkages with self-esteem and parental nurturance that conformed with the hypothesis that indices of(More)
This paper analyzes the consequences of the board's dual role as an advisor as well as a monitor of management in the context of both a sole board system such as in the United States and the dual board system such as in various countries in Europe. As a result of this dual role the manager in a sole board system faces a tradeo¤ concerning the amount of(More)
Examines the efficacy of Lay Pastoral Telecare (LPT) on the spiritual well-being and church satisfaction of churchgoers (N = 207). Compares an experimental and a control group and concludes that the use of telephone by lay pastoral caregivers can be a means of promoting interpersonal support and enhancement of spiritual well-being within a church(More)
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