Jennifer Milliron

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In this paper, we seek a deeper understanding of how accounting information is used for valuation purposes relative to how it is used for incentive contracting purposes. We explore linkages between the weight placed on earnings in compensation contracts and the weight placed on earnings in stock price formation. This clean distinction between the valuation(More)
This paper analyzes the consequences of the board’s dual role as an advisor as well as a monitor of management in the context of both a sole board system such as in the United States and the dual board system such as in various countries in Europe. As a result of this dual role the manager in a sole board system faces a tradeo¤ concerning the amount of(More)
Self-reported narcissism, self-esteem, and perceptions of parents as nurturing were examined in a sample of 459 undergraduates. In zero-order and partial correlations, dimensions from the Narcissistic Personality Inventory displayed inter-relationships and linkages with self-esteem and parental nurturance that conformed with the hypothesis that indices of(More)
Examines the efficacy of Lay Pastoral Telecare (LPT) on the spiritual well-being and church satisfaction of churchgoers (N = 207). Compares an experimental and a control group and concludes that the use of telephone by lay pastoral caregivers can be a means of promoting interpersonal support and enhancement of spiritual well-being within a church(More)
Edwards but not Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability scores influence the predictability of suicidal intent. If this effect occurs because the Edwards Scale records a substantive trait rather than a response set, then it should display predictable associations with variables that are relevant to theories of suicide. In line with the work of Durkheim (Suicide,(More)
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