Jennifer McGowan

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This study examined the relationship between childhood MBD/hyperactivity, familial alcoholism, and alcoholism severity, current psychopathology, and performance on three behavioral indices of impulsivity/attentional control. The subjects were 33 men VA alcoholic inpatients carefully screened to be free of complicating neurological, medical, and psychiatric(More)
This study investigated the relationship between negative life events and psychological disorder and the roles of positive life events and received and perceived social support in moderating this relationship. A prospective design was used and statistical analyses were based on a hierarchical regression model. College undergraduates served as subjects.(More)
INTRODUCTION The evolving HIV epidemic, coupled with advances in HIV treatment, has resulted in an ageing HIV-diagnosed population. It has been suggested that adverse physical and psychological effects of HIV may be higher among older people. However, few studies have examined the effect of older age on well-being for people with HIV. MATERIALS AND(More)
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