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their comments. We are especially grateful to Craig MacKinlay for many lengthy discussions on this subject. Previous versions of this work were circulated under the title " Momentum: Fact or factor? Momentum investing when returns have a factor structure. " We retain the rights to all errors. Abstract Buying recent winners and shorting recent losers(More)
Imbalances of energy homeostasis are often associated with cardiovascular complications. Previous work has shown that Gnasxl-deficient mice have a lean and hypermetabolic phenotype, with increased sympathetic stimulation of adipose tissue. The Gnasxl transcript from the imprinted Gnas locus encodes the trimeric G-protein subunit XLαs, which is expressed in(More)
BACKGROUND Locomotor training using partial body weight-supported treadmill (BWST) walking has been widely investigated for people after stroke, yet there remains a lack of evidence concerning the optimal training duration and the effect of locomotor impairment severity. Previous protocols have not emphasized the transfer of locomotor skills from the BWST(More)
We examined social participation in organized clubs and groups from childhood to adolescence in a sample of young people from Dunedin, New Zealand. Groups were broadly categorized as "sports" and "cultural/youth" groups. While the results indicated high levels of participation in childhood with a decline over the ensuing adolescent years, path analyses(More)
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is a state-led, national coalition of personnel from the environmental regulatory agencies of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, three federal agencies, tribes, and public and industry stakeholders. The organization is devoted to reducing barriers to, and speeding interstate deployment of better, more cost-effective, innovative environmental(More)
BACKGROUND This paper reports on health inequalities awareness-raising workshops conducted with senior New Zealand health sector staff as part of the Government's goal of reducing inequalities in health, education, employment and housing. METHODS The workshops were based on a multi-method needs assessment with senior staff in key health institutions. The(More)
Extensive conformational calculations were performed on the potent opiate analgesics etorphine, PET, R30490 and etonitazene to determine all of their many low-energy conformations. The results were used to characterize four possible models for binding of a simple pharmacophore, comprising two phenyl rings plus a protonated nitrogen, to opiate analgesic(More)
Model based personalised dosing (MBPD) is a sophisticated form of individualised therapy, where a population pharmacokinetic (PK) or pharmacodynamic model is utilised to estimate the dose required to reach a target exposure or effect. The choice of which model to implement in MBPD is a subjective decision. By choosing one model, information from the(More)
In claims data, controller-to-total asthma drug ratios may reflect adequacy of disease management. We verified whether asthma patients with high ratios (≥ 50%) experienced fewer asthma-related outcomes. Two ratios were studied: that of the inhaled corticosteroids to total asthma drug (ICS/R03) and that of the inhaled corticosteroids plus leukotriene(More)