Jennifer Marie Carter

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Arrestins are regulatory proteins that bind specifically to ligand-activated phosphorylated G protein-coupled receptors to terminate G protein-mediated signaling, cause the internalization of the receptor-arrestin complex, and initiate additional intracellular signaling cascades. Multiple lines of evidence suggest that arrestin normally exists in an(More)
The discussion regarding how to address requests for help with grammar and sentence-level concerns has been an ongoing conversation throughout writing center literature. The general consensus among administrators and tutor-scholars within in the field is to move away from a product-oriented focus towards one that is more process-oriented, preferring to(More)
BACKGROUND Schistosomiasis is a disease of major public health importance in sub-Saharan Africa. Immunoregulation begins early in schistosome infection and is characterized by hyporesponsiveness to parasite and bystander antigens, suggesting that a schistosome infection at the time of immunization could negatively impact the induction of protective vaccine(More)
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