Jennifer Malberg

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE As a combination of 5-HT selective reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) with 5-HT(1A) receptor antagonism may yield a rapidly acting antidepressant, WAY-211612, a compound with both SSRI and 5-HT(1A) receptor antagonist activities, was evaluated in preclinical models. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH Occupancy studies confirmed the mechanism of action of(More)
The synthesis and structural characterization of the first coordination compounds of bis(diphosphacyclobutadiene) cobaltate anions [M(P(2)(2)R(2))(2)](-) is described. Reactions of the new potassium salts [K(thf)(3){Co(η(4)-P(2)C(2)tPent(2))(2)}] (1) and [K(thf)(4){Co(η(4)-P(2)C(2)Ad(2))(2)}] (2) with [AuCl(tht)] (tht = tetrahydrothiophene), [AuCl(PPh(3))](More)
Molecular squares are among the most common supramolecular architectures, but phospha-organometallic complexes have not been used as building blocks for this type of structure. Herein we describe the formation of the molecular square [Au{Co(P2C2tBu2)2}]4 (1) by the self-assembly of anionic 1,3-diphosphacyclobutadiene cobalt complexes and gold(I) cations.(More)
The (31)P and (13)C solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of a neutral gold(I) complex with bis(diphosphacyclobutadiene) cobaltate anions, [Au{Co(P2C2tPent2)2}2(PMe3)2], are reported. Complete (31)P resonance assignments have been derived from saturation transfer, radio-frequency driven recoupling (RFDR) and RTOBSY experiments and confirmed further(More)
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