Jennifer Mah

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Chronic masticatory myalgia (CMM) can be defined as constant pain in the masticatory muscles for more than 6 months and is influenced by the central nervous system. The antiepileptic agent gabapentin acts centrally and is used for managing different types of chronic pain conditions. The objective of this study was to evaluate the analgesic action of(More)
We surveyed a random sample of 852 students at a large university in 2010-2011 to clarify associations between waterpipe tobacco smoking (WTS), ethnicity, and religion. Current (past 30 day) WTS was reported by 116 (14%) students, and 331 (39%) reported ever WTS. Middle Eastern ethnicity was associated with current WTS (odds ratio [OR] = 2.37; 95%(More)
BACKGROUND Injury prevention and screening efforts have long targeted risk factors for injury recurrence. In a retrospective study, our group found that mental illness is an independent risk factor for unintentional injury and reinjury. The purpose of this study was to administer a standard validated screening instrument and psychosocial needs assessment to(More)
Many traumatic upper body injuries to deminers are caused by debris generated by anti-personnel (AP) blast mines. This study better characterizes the soil ejecta threat from buried anti-personnel mines and provides an improved evaluation of light upper body protection systems by relating the threat to resultant damage to soft tissue simulants. For each(More)
The flipped classroom is a reversal of conventional teaching models: learners obtain first exposure to material through independent study and then in-class time is dedicated to activities for learners to apply the knowledge. Cards are a novel method of “flipping the classroom” using adaptive multiple-choice questions with patient cases containing randomized(More)
French speaking learners of English encounter persistent difficulty acquiring English [h], thus confusing words like eat and heat in both production and perception. We assess the hypothesis that the acoustic properties of [h] may render detection of this segment in the speech stream insufficiently reliable for second language acquisition. We use the(More)
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