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Communicating (St)ageism
Older adults are often plagued with the stereotype that they have outgrown any semblance of sexual identity. This stereotype is prominent in the workplace, as older coworkers are assumed to be pastExpand
A Language Convergence/Meaning Divergence Analysis Exploring How LGBTQ and Single Employees Manage Traditional Family Expectations in the Workplace
As policies such as the Family and Medical Leave Act expand what it means to be a family, human resource managers are increasingly tasked with navigating work/family balance with employees whoseExpand
Education and National Narratives: Changing Representations of the Armenian Genocide in History Textbooks in Turkey
Over the past several decades, Turkey’s narrative of the Armenian genocide has come under increasing scrutiny, both domestically and internationally. In response, state o! cials have defended andExpand
Rhetorical Adaptation and Resistance to International Norms
Scholarship on states’ responses to international norms has focused on commitment, compliance, and noncompliance; paying insufficient attention to responses that fall outside these categories. BeyondExpand
Defending the Nation? Maintaining Turkey's Narrative of the Armenian Genocide
This paper focuses on two recent periods in which agents of the Turkish state actively defended Turkey's official narrative of the Armenian genocide. I argue that the set of strategies developed byExpand
Norms, Narratives, and Scholarship on the Armenian Genocide
  • Jennifer M. Dixon
  • Political Science
  • International Journal of Middle East Studies
  • 14 October 2015
Analyzing the politics of the past in the context of the Armenian Genocide reveals an evolving interplay between international norms, official narratives, and broader discourses. This short essayExpand
Changing the State's Story: Continuity and Change in Official Narratives of Dark Pasts
Author(s): Dixon, Jennifer Margaret | Advisor(s): Hassner, Ron E.; Silverstein, Gordon | Abstract: This theory-building dissertation investigates how states' narratives about dark pasts are shapedExpand
The influence of culture, power and politics on the concepts and principles of SEA
Critiques of Strategic Environmental Assessment have noted it is not just a technical process, but has political and cultural dimensions. This paper argues the cultural dimension in these critiquesExpand