Jennifer M. Turnbull

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The prevalence of anxiety disorders increases with advancing age. Unfortunately, the diagnosis of anxiety in elderly patients is often reached only after everything else has been ruled out. Elderly patients with clinical anxiety often present with physical complaints that mask the underlying anxiety disorder. Recognition and management of anxiety disorders(More)
Although the problem of patients with dual diagnoses is not new, it has only been in the last few years that their unique and complex problems have begun to be addressed. This recognition coincides with society's concern regarding the magnitude of substance abuse problems in general. Currently, treatment consists of integrating concepts from substance abuse(More)
Kleptomania, a disorder of impulse control in which the patients feel a compelling urge to steal objects of no value to them, has long been considered a disorder related in some fashion to sexual impulses. Recent advances in the clinical understanding of human sexual functioning have not been accompanied by an effort to refine our thinking about its(More)