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We studied the fine structure of respiratory-tract cilia in three siblings with chronic respiratory disease, comparing them with those from a patient with Kartagener's syndrome who had dynein-deficient cilia and with control patients who had chronic bronchitis or chronic sinusitis. Electron microscopy of the siblings revealed a new abnormality in the(More)
Peroxidase activity was studied in alveolar macrophages and compared to the peroxidase activity in polymorphonuclear leukocytes using cytochemical techniques. A dense reaction product for peroxidase was observed in the primary lysosomes of polymorphonuclear leukocytes, but no significant peroxidase or peroxidative enzymes could be detected in rabbit(More)
The immotile cilia syndrome (ICS) is an uncommon disorder characterized by specific and genetically determined defects of cilia that cause upper and lower respiratory disease. We reviewed the radiographic patterns in 30 patients who had ICS (15 females, 15 males) and ranged in age from newborn to 26 years. Except for two neonates, sinusitis and otitis were(More)
The structure and ultrastructure were studied of 48 specimens from cases of congenital ureteroplevic junction obstructions and primary obstructive megaureters. Under light microscopy a spectrum of findings occurs, extending from the nearly normal to the clearly abnormal obstructive segments. However, under electron microscopy there were consistent(More)
The genetics of the immotile cilia syndrome has been analyzed in a series of 46 affected individuals from 38 families. Both sexes were equally affected: there were 20 males and 26 females in this series. All patients had upper and lower respiratory disease with chronic sinusitis, otitis, and chronic cough from early childhood. Bronchiectasis was common in(More)
The extraction of glycoproteins labelled with 3H or 14C precursors: fucose and glucosamine, has been compared during processing of rat liver for transmission electron microscopy. Using 14C labelled fucose, approximately 6% of labelled macromolecules were extracted during processing including 3% during glutaraldehyde fixation, 1% during post-fixation and 2%(More)
Twenty-eight normal human ureters were examined under the light and electron microscope. Three uretero-trigonal units were microdissected. The ureter is a non-layered muscular tube wherein the anatomical unit is muscle bundles that contain heterogeneously oriented muscle cells. Functional continuity of muscle cells is provided through the nexus, which are(More)