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The functional competence of extrageniculate visual pathways in hemianopic humans was demonstrated by showing that distractor signals in the blind half of the visual field could inhibit saccades toward targets in the intact visual field. This inhibitory effect of unseen distractors in patients occurred only when distractors were presented in the temporal(More)
Two experiments were performed to determine the brainstem origins of the scalp recorded auditory frequency-following response (FFR). The first was a study of FFR onset latency in which responses observed by direct recording from depth electrodes in brainstem auditory nuclei were compared with those obtained from the scalp. The mean onset latency of scalp(More)
The neural basis of low pitch was investigated in the present study by recording a brainstem potential from the scalp of human subjects during presentation of complex tones which evoke a variable sensation of pitch. The potential recorded, the frequency-following response (FFR), reflects the temporal discharge activity of auditory neurons in the upper(More)
Evidence is presented that the phylogenetically older retin-otectal pathway contributes to reflex orienting of visual attention in normal human subjects. The study exploited a lateralized neuroanatomic arrangement of retinotectal pathways that distinguishes them from those of the geniculostriate system; namely, more direct projections to the colliculus from(More)
Although many scales to measure tardive dyskinesia have been developed, none has been widely accepted. The authors used the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) to evaluate a group of 293 inpatients who had been given a primary or secondary diagnosis of schizophrenia. They found a tardive dyskinesia prevalence of 30% using a criterion rating of 3(More)
This paper shows that in the UK, increases in unemployment in a recession are driven by rises in the separation rate. A new decomposition of unemployment dynamics is devised that does not require unemployment to be in steady state at all times. This is important because low UK transition rates – one quarter the size of the US –imply substantial deviation of(More)
  • Jennifer C Smith, William Brown, Chris Doyle, Andrew Hildreth, Steve Machin, Andrew Oswald +1 other
  • 1995
This paper examines the degree to which the importance of wages elsewhere in wage determination stems from comparisons made by workers, as opposed to re°ecting unions' fall-back options in the bargaining process. The di±culty of distinguishing these hypotheses is shown in the context of a bargaining model. It is argued that the use of the wage of a `pay(More)
Dip-pen nanolithography was used to construct arrays of proteins with 100- to 350-nanometer features. These nanoarrays exhibit almost no detectable nonspecific binding of proteins to their passivated portions even in complex mixtures of proteins, and therefore provide the opportunity to study a variety of surface-mediated biological recognition processes.(More)
To test the effects of perceived linguistic meaning on evoked potential (EP) waveform, an experiment was performed using the stimulus homophone "led" or "lead" in the single ambiguous phrase "it was /'led/". The phrase was presented aurally in sets of 60 repetitions, instructing the subject before each set as to the specific meaning of the stimulus word to(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterised, not only by cognitive deficits and neuropathological changes, but also by several non-cognitive behavioural symptoms that can lead to a poorer quality of life. Circadian disturbances in core body temperature and physical activity are reported in AD patients, although the cause and consequences of these changes are(More)