Jennifer M. Reingle Gonzalez

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In college and university residence halls, resident assistants (RAs) are expected to serve as first-aid providers to students who may have alcohol, other drug, mental health, and academic problems. Despite this responsibility, evidence-based, first-aid programs have not been developed and tested for the RA workforce. The current study examined effects of an(More)
INTRODUCTION Prior research has often overlooked potential cohort differences in marijuana views and use across adolescence and young adulthood. To begin to address this gap, we conduct an exploratory examination of marijuana views and use among American youth using a panel of cross-sectional surveys. METHOD Findings are based on repeated, cross-sectional(More)
BACKGROUND To develop a screening tool to enhance elder abuse and neglect detection and reporting rates among emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Our primary aim was to identify the most salient indicators of elder abuse and neglect for potential inclusion on a screening tool. We also sought to identify practical elements of the tool that would optimize(More)
BACKGROUND Unintentional injury leads all other causes of death for those 1 to 45 years old. The expense of medical care for injured people is estimated to exceed $406 billion annually. Given this burden on the population, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consistently refers to injury prevention as a national priority. We postulated that(More)
AIMS To evaluate how depression and diabetes severity impact disability progression among Mexican Americans over a 15-year period. METHODS We used seven waves of the Hispanic Established Population for the Epidemiologic Study of the Elderly (H-EPESE). Primary disability outcomes included the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of(More)
Hispanics are disproportionately affected by substance use and related health harms yet remain underrepresented across scientific disciplines focused on researching and addressing these issues. An interdisciplinary network of scientists committed to fostering the development of social and biomedical researchers focused on Hispanic substance use and health(More)
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