Jennifer M. Huggett

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The magnetostratigraphy, clay mineralogy, cyclostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy of the estuarine and continental Solent Group (Isle of Wight, Hampshire Basin, UK), which is of Late Eocene–Early Oligocene age, were investigated. A new magnetostratigraphy for the Solent Group is correlated to the chronostratigraphic standard using limited(More)
Sheldon and Retallack (2002) have suggested that the presence of berthierine in high-latitude soils is an indication of soil oxygen consumption by an influx of atmospheric methane to form carbon dioxide, which in turn warmed the earliest Triassic, giving rise to a postapocalyptic greenhouse. We do not dispute the possibility of a postapocalyptic greenhouse,(More)
UNLABELLED A retrospective study of blunt chest injuries due to motor vehicle accidents between the years 1990 and 1995 found 9 cases of sternal fracture that had both lateral plain film and thoracic axial CT scans performed. Plain film identified 8 of the 9 fractured sternums. CT scanning was only able to identify 6 sternal fractures. Secondary signs of(More)
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