Jennifer M. Grek Martin

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We have developed and validated a tool for assessing understanding of a selection of fundamental concepts and basic knowledge in undergraduate introductory molecular and cell biology, focusing on areas in which students often have misconceptions. This multiple-choice Introductory Molecular and Cell Biology Assessment (IMCA) instrument is designed for use as(More)
OBJECTIVE Unexplained outcome variability exists among adults with cochlear implants (CIs). Two significant predictors are age and duration of deafness, with older patients and those with longer durations of deafness generally demonstrating poorer speech recognition. However, these factors are often highly correlated. Thus, it is unclear whether poorer(More)
The research project described in this thesis details the characterization of monoclonal antibodies designed to react with the L1 protein of Human Papillomavirus type 31, as measured by specific laboratory assays. These antibodies were tested for reactivity against HPV31 L1 proteins in Western blots, enzyme-linked immunosorbant assays (ELISAs), and(More)
In C. elegans, RNA processing of downstream operon genes through SL2 trans-splicing is crucial for polycistronic transcripts to be separated into monocistronic transcripts. The Ur element RNA sequence, which is important for proper SL2 trans-splicing, is found in the intercistronic region (ICR) of the pre-mRNA. The ICR is located between the 3' end of one(More)
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