Jennifer M Foster

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Thirty-two nondepressed elders were given a self-report coping behavior measure that asked them to identify strategies used in response to a recent major life event, and the experience of "feeling down" or "depressed." The measure also asked the subjects to rate how helpful each coping technique was. The data was compared with those gathered from a(More)
Numerous children receive counseling for sexual abuse, yet their personal perspectives related to the abuse, the impact of making the disclosure, and the recovery process are noticeably absent from the scholarly literature. This study addressed this gap by analyzing trauma narratives written by children as part of a counseling intervention. Qualitative(More)
The relation of the height of primary school children to population density, as measured at the 1971 census, was investigated for children in 21 study areas in England, using data from the 1972 survey of the National Study of Health and Growth. Shorter stature was found with increasing population density, and this relation remained after allowing for(More)
Qualitative analysis of boys' narratives about child sexual abuse revealed several themes, including memories of the abuse, the disclosure and subsequent events, the healing journey, and a meta-theme titled "fear and safety." In this article, boys' (N = 19) experiences related to fear and safety and the healing journey are explored. The narratives provided(More)
Previous research on children's narratives about sexual abuse written predominately by girls uncovered several themes, including: (a) memories of the abuse, (b) the disclosure and subsequent events, and (c) the healing journey and a meta-theme titled "fear and safety." This follow-up study explored how boys describe their life prior to, during, and after(More)
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