Jennifer M. Dolan

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Cardiovascular pathologies such as intracranial aneurysms (IAs) and atherosclerosis preferentially localize to bifurcations and curvatures where hemodynamics are complex. While extensive knowledge about low wall shear stress (WSS) has been generated in the past, due to its strong relevance to atherogenesis, high WSS (typically >3 Pa) has emerged as a key(More)
BACKGROUND Intracranial aneurysm initiation is poorly understood, although hemodynamic insult is believed to play an important role in triggering the pathology. It has recently been found in a rabbit model that while macrophages are absent during hemodynamic aneurysm initiation, matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are elevated and co-localize with smooth(More)
Analysis and Repor1ng System (AFCARS), over half of the children in foster care have experienced some form of early adversity. Suppor1ng favorable outcomes for these children in the emo1onal and academic domains has received increased research focus (Healey & Fisher, 2011; McDermoI et al., 2012), however, paradoxical paIerns of stable or greater(More)
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