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As an effective aid to extend the microsequencing capabilities the Beckman protein/peptide sequenator Series 890C has been successfully converted to a gas-liquid system, in which coupling buffer 25% trimethylamine was employed as a gas, and heptafluorobutyric acid as a liquid. The system has been found to be efficient for microsequencing (less than 100(More)
In some studies researchers seek to identify conditions under which a mean response exceeds a specified threshold. This work examines the case in which such conditions are defined in terms of two quantitative independent variables. For example, a pharmaceutical researcher might want to identify what values of dose and post-dose time yield an average blood(More)
Rewards modify performance so that attentional priority is given to stimuli associated with a higher probability of reward. A stimulus associated with reward attracts attention even when it is no longer relevant. In this study, we explored whether or not strategic top-down control can be employed to overcome the attentional bias from a recent(More)
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