Jennifer Lynn

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Evaluation of noise levels experienced by medically fragile neonates during emergency helicopter transport" Abstract: There was a concern medically fragile infants may be exposed to high noise levels during emergency helicopter transport. This study had been initiated in 2007. Data was collected using a Larson Davis noise dosimeter. The purpose of this(More)
Rewards modify performance so that attentional priority is given to stimuli associated with a higher probability of reward. A stimulus associated with reward attracts attention even when it is no longer relevant. In this study, we explored whether or not strategic top-down control can be employed to overcome the attentional bias from a recent(More)
  • Eric H Holder, Daniel T Hodge, Jonathan F Mitchell, Patrick K Sweeten, Assistant Attorney General, Adam W Aston +56 others
  • 2012
For the reasons stated in the attached Memorandum in Support, the State of Texas respectfully moves for a protective order. The United States recently served the State with a 30(b)(6) Notice to probe, among other things, the State's databases. request seeks duplicative discovery on contested issues that the United States knew of months ago. Pursuing(More)
  • Jennifer Lynn, Edwards A B Physics, Judith Layzer, Joseph Ferreira, Jennifer Lynn Edwards
  • 2009
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a quantitative tool that measures the bundled impact of an individual product over its entire life cycle, from "cradle-to-grave." LCA has been developed over many decades to improve industry's environmental performance, and also to create environmental labels for consumer products. But in recent years, LCA has been used to(More)
Arginine (ARG) is an immunologic modulator due in part to its role as a substrate for leukocytes. Therefore, the objective of these studies was to evaluate the impact of dietary ARG on ARG utilization in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) and thymocytes in broiler chicks as they provide a model that is not confounded by de novo ARG synthesis. Several(More)
In some studies researchers seek to identify conditions under which a mean response exceeds a specified threshold. This work examines the case in which such conditions are defined in terms of two quantitative independent variables. For example, a pharmaceutical researcher might want to identify what values of dose and post-dose time yield an average blood(More)
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